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Lori Day and Charlotte Kugler, co-authors of Her Next Chapter


One of my happiest and most memorable undertakings as a parent was the formation of a mother-daughter book club—a collaboration with my daughter and coauthor, Charlotte Kugler, and four other mother-daughter pairs that lasted six years. I cannot recommend it highly enough to other mothers who are looking for ways to enrich their emotional bonds with their daughters.

Working together on Her Next Chapter seemed a natural next step for Charlotte and me, allowing us to share our experiences, observations and advice with a new generation of mothers and daughters. Pop culture and girlhood have changed a lot since we started our own mother-daughter book club back in 2000, so it has been both challenging and rewarding to write a book together and speak publicly about why a more modern version of these clubs is needed now, one that can change the lives of today’s moms and girls for the better.

Lori Day

I live in Newburyport, Massachusetts, a beautiful seaside community north of Boston. My husband Geof lives with me, as do our two cats, Peach and Fog. That’s Fog there on our book cover, stalking the White Rabbit.

I am an educational psychologist, consultant and parenting coach with Lori Day Consulting and a co-founder and Board member of the Brave Girls Alliance, a global think tank and consulting group of girl empowerment experts who advocate for healthier media and products for girls. I also write and blog at LoriDayAuthor.com. Even though I have loved all of my different roles involving working with children and writing over the past twenty-five years, nothing has been as rewarding as raising my own daughter, Charlotte, and watching her grow into an opinionated young woman with a broad and deep understanding of the world around her, and a powerful voice of her own…especially in writing, a passion we share.

I am happy to be able to combine what I have learned during my career and as the mother of a grown daughter with current and timely observations, anecdotes and advice for moms and other female role models working with girls to help them all successfully navigate their lives as females. I help girls and moms understand what is going on in the culture around them so that they may develop self-confidence and wisdom based upon a stronger inner voice that flourishes within the context of—but also apart from—the noise of popular culture. I look forward to sharing what I know about the benefits of joining together with other women to nurture girls in ways that are uplifting and enjoyable.

Our mother-daughter book club was the most transformative experience of my parenting journey and my relationship with my daughter. May it be for you as well!

Charlotte Kugler

I am working on my Master’s degree in Communication Studies at the University of Rhode Island. As a part-time job, I teach two sections of Communications 101 to Freshmen. Writing will always be the heart of my work. I’ve had one writing job or another—and many opportunities to be published and to write for an audience—since I was about twelve years old, so I don’t see that changing!

Our mother-daughter book club was an activity I always looked forward to throughout my childhood. It encouraged my love of both reading and writing, which continue to be my fondest interests and hobbies today. It also deepened my relationship with my mom.

In addition to reading and writing, I also greatly enjoy traveling and exploring, science fiction and fantasy, tabletop role-playing, anime, spending time with my friends, and pursuing other topics that interest me including psychology, feminism, and politics.

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