In a culture that is not always healthy for today’s girls, and that can make the job of raising girls feel intimidating or isolating, it is crucial for mothers to join together as villages to guide daughters in ways that are uplifting and enjoyable. Her Next Chapter shows mothers how to form mother-daughter book clubs that provide a vehicle for teaching media literacy to girls so that they learn to think critically about their lives as females.

Our book is about more than issues—it is about solutions! It outlines precisely how mothers can work both together and individually to build girls’ confidence and lessen the negative impact of media on self-image. Mothers and other important adults in the lives of girls will learn to identify and understand eight of the biggest challenges facing girls and women in the US and around the world, and how to use carefully chosen female-centric books, movies, videos and activities as side doors into crucial conversations about growing up female.

Mother-daughter book clubs create a safe and empowering haven where girls can thrive during their toughest years.


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