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Book Cover Blurbs

“From personal experience, I can tell you that mother-daughter book clubs can help you navigate the daunting challenges of raising confident and mighty girls. This comprehensive guide, rich with discussion ideas and book, film, and media recommendations, will inspire more mothers to start their own book clubs. It’s been years since I started a mother-daughter book club for my eldest daughter, and this book made me wish I could start over and do it again with my daughters.”

~Lesli Rotenberg, General Manager, Children’s Media, PBS

“With wisdom and common sense, Lori Day provides a much-needed point of view for our society. I wish that she had written Her Next Chapter ten years ago, so I would have had her insight when my daughter was four! Mother-daughter book clubs are such a great step in the right direction. I know what I’m giving my young mother friends and relatives this year for birthdays and holidays!”

~Brenda Chapman, Writer/Director, Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE

“Filled with practical advice, inspired reading lists and thoughtful analysis of the challenges girls face, this book is an indispensable guide for anyone who cares about raising girls to be leaders. At the center of the book is the idea of mother-daughter book clubs, which use books and movies as tools to explore the challenges girls face in their everyday lives. The concept is powerful: A steady, but always-evolving tradition that helps girls emerge from adolescence confident and connected to the adults in their lives. Lori Day identifies and articulates so many of the challenges that can hold girls back or trip them up. And her gentle, intuitive suggestions make it easier to start a meaningful conversation on these tricky topics.

This book also offers a treasure trove of inspiring heroines… representing all the different forms that female leadership can take in our modern world. So many invisible factors keep powerful women out of the public eye. But Day uses her comprehensive recommendations and reading lists to throw light on a wonderfully wide range of women (and girls) who can inspire young girls to lead, and speak to their personal potential. Whether it’s a daring heroine in a novel, a professor giving a great talk, CEOs and scientists profiled in documentaries, or simply the other Moms in the mother-daughter book club … role models for girls abound in Lori Day’s delightful book.”

~June Cohen, Executive Producer, TED Media

“Her Next Chapter is a smart and incisive guide for mothers raising daughters in today’s toxic media culture, where hypersexualization and gender stereotypes are the norm. Lori Day shares with mothers important insights about media literacy, brilliant recommendations about healthy media, and discussion guides for book clubs – which offer mothers and daughters the opportunity to strengthen their relationships. In the book, Day zeros in on toxic media messages that tell girls their primary value lies in their physical appearance.

What makes this book so compelling is the collaboration between Day and her daughter Charlotte, who shares her perspective on today’s challenges for young women. Through Her Next Chapter, Day empowers mothers and daughters to decode and ultimately transcend these destructive media messages, so that girls can grow up armed with confidence. A must-read for moms!”

~Elena Rossini, Writer/Producer/Director THE ILLUSIONISTS

“Looking for a wonderful way to bond with your daughter? Look no further than Her Next Chapter. Using mother-daughter book clubs as the backdrop, Her Next Chapter provides tools and strategies for discussing the issues today’s girls face, while promoting media literacy and empowerment. What more could you ask for from a book?”

~Jennifer L. Hartstein, PsyD, Author of Princess Recovery

From Colleagues

“Moms who wish to help their tween and teen girls navigate the challenges of growing up female will love Her Next Chapter. It makes a compelling argument that mother-daughter book clubs are a fun and engaging way to encourage healthy, expansive conversations between groups of moms and girls. Readers will find that author Lori Day makes it easy for them to add media literacy to their parenting toolboxes–a terrific skill set in supporting today’s girls through the many pressures of female adolescence.”

~Rebecca Hains, Ph.D., Professor of Advertising and Media Studies at Salem State University

“Her Next Chapter is a unique and inspiring book for mothers and daughters. Lori Day has found a way to make media awareness, feminism, and empowerment wonderfully fun and exciting for girls of varied ages. This book is comprehensive yet highly readable with both intellectual rigor and awareness of the extreme demands on today’s girls. I’ve utilized Lori’s recommendations to generate some outstanding conversations with my own daughter.”

~Lisa Kaplin, Psy. D., founder of Smart Women, Inspired Lives

“Her Next Chapter is the inspiring and engaging how-to book you didn’t know you needed! Using literature, movies and internet media as a springboard for connection and dialogue, Lori Day and her daughter, Charlotte, have cracked the code for easing the flow of ideas between moms and their girls. Genius tips on engaging our daughters in deeper conversations are reminiscent of sneaking pureed spinach or julienned zucchini into the brownie mix… a painless and easy way to take something we are already doing and make it intentionally more beneficial to the health and well-being of our children.”

~Dae Sheridan, Ph.D., Psychotherapist and Professor of Human Sexuality

“If you love your daughter, read this book. Lori Day and her own daughter, Charlotte Kugler, do an exquisite job of explaining the myriad benefits of starting a mother daughter book club: self-confidence and reinforcing racial identity are at the top of my personal list. Even better, they tell you how to do it, replete with excellent book and movie recommendations and discussion questions to boot! A must-read.”

~Saira Rao, President of In This Together Media

From Parents, Grandparents, Teachers and Other Adults Who Nurture Girls

“There’s nothing else like Her Next Chapter, and it is necessary, groundbreaking work.”

~Melanie Parker

“As a mother with an adult daughter and now two granddaughters, I still consider and often face the range of challenges that come through the cutting of the apron strings nearly every day. Keeping focused on effective communication is crucial. Lori Day explores this point and nails the possibility of solution, using the lens of media literacy to offer a broad range of how-to ideas on raising daughters through issue-oriented discussions.”

~Melissa Vokey

“Her Next Chapter provides excellent guidance for using books to enhance relationships between mothers and daughters, as well as female friendships. It lets moms open a safe space for wonderful discussions of meaningful issues. I already use the books I read to my 7yo daughter as a launching pad for discussions of morality, ethics, sexism and racism, and friendship, and I have a list of books I can’t wait to share with her when she’s old enough for them.”

~Gabrielle Tenn New

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